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Faith Based SEO Services is a Christian based SEO company that is run by two Christian brothers, Jeffrey Sloe and Don Conrad. It was our faith that brought us together and our faith is our guide. We have learned over the years that when it comes to search engine optimization, faith plays a big part. Since the search engines control how a web site is indexed and ranked for a particular keyword, we do our job and have faith that the search engines do their job. In turn, you can have faith that our SEO services will fulfill your needs and get the job done.

Our job, as SEO specialists, is to get your site ranked for a given keyword or keyword phrase. We have had success with several web sites and felt a calling from God to help business owners move their web sites to the top of the search engines, like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Ask, and others. It's our expertise, experience, hard work, and faith that will get a web site ranked on the search engines.

Faith Based SEO Services uses white hat SEO techniques. There are no gimmicks, specialized software, or black hat tricks. We use techniques that we have learned from some of the most knowledgable SEO specialists in the industry. There are no shortcuts to getting a web site highly ranked with the search engines. The shortcuts we have seen, and are used by some SEO service companies, DO NOT work for the long term. Using shortcuts may work in the interim, by they will not sustain a web site in the long term.

If you are looking for help to get your web site ranked at, or near, the top of Google, give us a try. We are confident that the SEO services we offer can get your site to the top of the search engines. We have done it before, and we will do it again.

May God Bless you and your organization!

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SEO Challenges

SEO has been and will continue to be a challenge as long as Google is "running the show". Most SEO specialists continually try to figure out what Google is trying to do with their algorithms. Althought their patent calls for "latent semantic indexing", most web sites are indexed according to keywords or keywords phrases, which causes problems for Internet searchers.

Why is that?

The challenge for SEO specialists is to have keywords that relate to the main content of the web site sprinkled throughout the web site, not just a random keyword thrown in. Not only are the keywords important, but according to Google's patent, using words that mean the same thing as the keywords someone is searching for is important. SEO specialsts understand what it takes to get a site ranked in the search engines. There are certain techniques and strategies that we use to get sites ranked.

Faith Based SEO Services is up to the challenge and will get your web site highly ranked in, not all, but many keyword categories.

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Unique online web marketing solutions created for your web site. Increase overall web traffic or focus on converting more traffic into sales.

We Offer the Following SEO Services

Increase Targeted Web Traffic - Are you new to SEO? If you would like to Increase web visitors by using the power and process of search engine optimization on your web site, you came to the right place. Our proven techniques, experience, and determination will ensure you get profitable results.

SEO Training - We offer a popular SEO training program that will provide you with personalized, one-on-one training with an SEO specialist. Our program is designed around basic principles using your web site. Learn valuable basics of SEO and save money.

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